September 18, 2010

Blast off!

I miss our collective fascination with all things Outer Space. We've lost our sense of Outer Space as a stand in for the future and progress. These candle holders remind me of that time (though I guess the flames would be coming out the wrong end).

We found these little rocket bases at the big Seattle Goodwill for like $0.99 a pop. I don't think they are vintage, but who cares when they are so cute! We did end up selling them right after our yard sale for around $12 to someone who recognized their rocketshippiness, which made me happy.

September 12, 2010

A circus ride for adults!

The lady at the estate sale in Madrona had no idea what this was. Neither did Lori. So at $2 for the set, Lori felt compelled to buy it and research it. It's a Merry-go-round one shot dispenser made by Park Sherman Company. It dispenses one jigger per pump of the wood knob on top!

Here's a picture of the box, stolen from someone else's ebay auction:

Definitley a salt n' pepper problem

While not Danish (from Japan), I couldn't resist getting these super tall salt and pepper set. I'm happy that they came in chrome metal instead of brass as the mid-century can be too brassy sometimes. Also Goodwill, for like $4 a piece.

Modern modern stuff too

Not everything we buy is old! Alessi Juicy Salif citrus juicer. This sucker is tall! 13 in. or so. I love the playfulness of the design and the atomic retro-ness. Found this at the Renton Goodwill for $8. Sold on ebay for $50, which ain't bad.

We might have a candle problem too

(One of many) Dansk candle holder for mini-taper candles. Found at Goodwill for $3 or so. Also allegedly Jens Quistgaard though I'd love to find a book that shows exactly which ones he really did...

Seattle appropriate vintage

Atomic, Space Needle shaped salt shaker and pepper mill. Found at Goodwill for a buck a piece. Made of red-colored/stained wood and brassy-colored metal.

I liked the shape of them. Though they further my salt/pepper problem.

Dansk vases - meant to be united

Cute set of 2 vases made by Dansk and designed by the ever so famous Jens Quistgaard. Amber. I found these over 2 separate Goodwill trips, which is a bit insane. Sold for $15 on ebay.